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greys are seen as being Devolving beings


this presumption is based on Picture page 5 of picture pages 3000


picture page page 5 shows, unequivically, that man-shaped beings remain the same shape as they are now for at least the next five thousand million years


further, it is thought that the process of Evolution takes, in the first instance, anywhere up to one raised to the one hundredth Power years (1 ^100) for Soul partners to achieve, and we, Evolved beings, retain our man-shape for as long as there are Evolving beings

on their way to (Fulfilment) in order to facilitate a smooth transition into Geometric form


bearing these considerations in mind, such wild deviations in the shapes of the heads, eyes, and mouths, as we see in the footage we have of greys, it does not make any sense to think that man-shaped beings start as we are now, then take on a different shape and then change back to our normal shape

who are they and where do they come from?


all man-shaped beings originated here on earth


the odds of two man-shaped beings evolving at different places in the universe is greater than 1 ^100 against


e.t.'s are man-shaped beings who evolved from the dinosaurs, just as we evolved from mammals


the Largest dinosaur that is known to exist weighed 95 tons


the Largest mammal known to exist weighed 20 tons