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Start Page for Dinosaur Women

the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings...getting to know them

d-man has been preparing to receive us for millions of years

it will take but a few years for us to be fully integrated with them

if my own experiences are anything to go by (have been visited by three females) they're as excited about being with us as we are about being with them

they're so technically advanced they can harvest the sun for energy!!

see Here, Here, Here and Here

until we can talk openly and without fear of ridicule (the people who control the media in the english-speaking world have done a good job of labelling ufo sightings as the rantings of loonies) the deceit goes on and our future is postponed... see also the Lead Article

each and every individual* of both classes of man-shaped beings are at a slightly different place of evolution

however, there are those who are at about the same place of evolution

such people will find a special kinship for those of the dinosaur class who are at approximately the same place of evolution that they themseles occupy (bear in mind that evolution goes on for a Googol of years)

you are about to be making friendships that are, literally, Eternal

although there are differences between d-mans d.n.a. and our own (neither gender has hair and the women don't have breast) there are enough similarities for d-man to be able to apply the knowledge of their physiology to ourselves

our current ailments will become a thing of the past within a very short time

we have to bear in mind that d-man lives for a very long time, more than ten times longer than we do

you know how deep your protective feelings are towards your children

d-man's is much greater

d-man understands, in a way not yet understood by mammal-man, the intricacies of Genetic Theory

evolving e.t.'s have a simple-to-understand characteristic... they go out of their way to make sure they do not take the life of other man-shaped beings

there are so many benefits which flow from this way of life they are too numerous to list save to mention such a way of life results in an Endless Qualitative Experience

in total contrast to our current lifestyle, life with beings firmly fixed into evolution, an off-earth lifestyle is all about playing in a loving way

if ever an environment was suited to a child's view of the world, this is it

the size and scale of d-mans constructions, their

Space Habitation

for instance, is something we can begin adjusting to

how big is our off-earth living accommodation going to be?

d-man can make

Craft That is Ten Times Bigger Than The Earth

(other Videos of d-mans activities around and in the sun)

can evolving mammal man-shaped beings procreate with evolving dinosaur man-shaped beings?

i think so

Here is a video of an evolving dinosaur man-shaped being in action

the video above is the sort of thing you will be able to do in twenty-five million when the next class of man-shaped beings will be at the stage of evolution we are at now

you will notice that he looks like any other person you might see while you're out and about

in contrast, This Video shows some of the forms devolving beings become

*there are, of course, those who have already completed evolution