dinosaur man


Dinosaur man is alive and well and it will become known to the general public by march 2026


the film at the top was broadcast on china's national t.v. at

peak-time viewing in 2016




link of clips to liner craft here



capital letter = link




disclosure day for Dinosaur Man


disclosure day is going to be the most significant day in the history of mammal man


when the evolving of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings begin sharing their knowledge and technology with us it will re-shape our civilisation within days, weeks, months and years






the day of dislosure for dinosaur-man


the day disclosure occurs is the day mankind takes a new direction


women are invited to have a guess as to what the actual date of the disclosure will be


to enter, post the date you think it will happen into This Page


in the event of more than one person getting it right, the date/time of the submission comes into play




scaffolding for speakers


contingencies for rain




large screen


food/soft drinks/hot drink stalls




first aid/medical