dinosaur women

women of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

capital letter = link

here we are guys

our first "pin-up" of females of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

have named her celine

as can be seen from the video she walks like a young girl who has just found her posture

could be any age from 15 to 20

we have to bear in mind that they live for a long time

from our own trends in longevity, we can project life-spans for our descendants of one million years in a million years from now

it do open up some mind-boggling possibilities

if celine lives for a million years, in a thousand years time, she could be celebrating her ten-thousandth birthday, which would make her age, relative to ours now, one year old!

but in 10 000 years, our lifespans will have increased into the thousands of years

in 10 000 a.d. we could be living for 1250 years

at the age of 250 we meet celine (hands off, i saw her first) who is in her 20 000th year

within 300 000 years, we could have a meaningful relationship!

the 10 second video at the top of the page was taken from This 90 second clip of film

and ladies, wouldn't you just love to be able to do things like this?

if you would like to be instrumental in awakening the awareness of the next class of man-shaped beings (scheduled to emerge in 15 to 25 million years time) as to what life is all about

follow my lead of Ethical behaviour