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the word greys is used to cover all e.t.'s who are Devolving

greys are devolving beings

this presumption is based on Picture page 5 of picture pages 3000

picture page page 5 shows, unequivically, that man-shaped beings remain the same shape and look like we are now for at least the next five thousand million years

a devolving being would not pass as a normal-looking person on the street

the word grey would cover descriptions that range from "they almost look human" to "they're obviously not human"

Here are two evolving e.t.'s

further, completing the act of Evolution takes anywhere up to one raised to the one hundredth Power years (1 ^100) to achieve

the Lover and some Evolved beings remain the shape we are now for as long as is necessary to facilitate a smooth transition into Geometric form for Evolving beings

bearing these considerations in mind, the wild deviations in the shapes of the heads, eyes, mouths and limbs that we see in the Footage of greys, reptiloids, insectoids etc., it does not make any sense at all to think that the man-shape we are now will take on different and bizarre shapes and then changes back to normal

please take into account a devolving being will take on  thousands of different forms as they devolve

is probably the case that it is the way they think about life which causes the physical changes

many, if not most, of the greys who are visiting us aren't a problem to us

in fact, the Murderer's in the military are more aggressive and are more of a threat to us than most types of greys

there are, however, some really nasty greys

the film The Fourth Kind will give you an insight

so bear in mind, insectoids, reptiloids and all of the many other shapes and sizes of grey e.t.'s, which we are becoming familiar with weren't always as they are now

to begin with they looked exactly like we do only without any hair anywhere on their body's and the females don't have breasts