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one is currenty considered to be Eternity incorporating increasingness into endlessness


one is thought to be a position and position, it is thought, is the first, and possibly, the only product, eternity needs to give rise to in order to increase endlessness


a single position can only endure for one Planck time at a time


the coordinates of the first position are restricted by the limits of the principle of indeterminancy, a.k.a. the uncertainty principle, as to the exactness reality can accomplish when and with the first a and subsequent positions


the three of pi is thought to be the result of eternity having furnished sufficient positions in approximation which then resulted in the characteristic we call mass


it seems reasonable to assume that this mechanism has already ocurred throughout the first and second Dimension


it is also likely that there is to be an endless increasingness of dimensions which in turn gives rise to an increasing amount of a space


as if there isn't enough space already !


notes 1


Bell's theorem










spoked-wheel visualisation


imagine a spoked wheel


the hub or the centre of the spoked-wheel is the central position of a straight line/s


each spoke is aligned to another spoke at the other side of the hub, so if you take the hub of the wheel out of the picture every spoke would join to another spoke and the two spokes would look like one straight line


now we can consider any line on its own and assign the planck time to any place on the line, bearing in mind that wherever the planck time is placed that becomes the centre of the line


we can also imagine the spoked-wheel as having as many spokes on it as we care to think of; although actually drawing the picture will be limited to the size of the page and the thickness of the lines or the imagination



a number by definition is finite



the counting numbers: 1, 2, 3... are endless but are not endlessness



the smallest number which can exist is the result of dividing one by infinity and then adding one


endlessness didn't have a beginning



the short blink (a Planck time)


the blinking universe


the long blink

(traversing the straight line faster than the speed of light)


the endless ending


we can view ourselves as the beginning of the endless



it is possible that in every planck time there exists an endless straight line



the identifying characteristic contains everything that is endless ?


everything that is endless can exist in every identifying characteristic