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the first act of collective reciprocation has landed in your lap


the next step is to restore the quantity of oxygen in the east china sea to a level which will enable goldfish to flourish


one thing that which is to be thought about is the

"bigger picture" from you-know-who's perspective


an effect today can quite reasonably have consequences five-hundred million years from now


we can all appreciate that the demise of the dodo doesn't contain the possibility of the dodo suddenly springing back into existence sometime in the future


there are many aspects of evolution which have not yet been uncovered


it was only recently that the original belief that all evolving beings follow the same pattern through evolution, cell... primitive fish... amphibian... quadruped and biped, came under question and the possibility that one or more of the stages of evolution are not necessary


specifically, a living thing which we classify as a vegetable can jump the steps of primitive fish and amphibian and go from an extremely sophisticated vegetable to a quadruped


the goldfish is required in the future either for something it may become or as a vital link in the chain of evolution


the idea of permanently changing radical thoughts and actions is something we have to get used to