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the act of going from one form to another

nice n’ easy to understand

going from an acorn to an oak tree

going from a tadpole to a frog

going from a caterpillar to a butterfly

going from a fetus to an adult

going from a man-shaped being to a triangle

whoa! a triangle?

this entry is going to be monstrously big

it will encompass everything we know about the forms life can take and then some

transmutation from our current shape to mathematical form is the final change of form we make

this change of shape is necessary to align ourselves with the endless character of eternity

in mathematical form, we will have unlimited scope for endless change across infinite dimensions

this might be the right place to present the idea that we need to see ourselves as an ongoing extension of eternity rather than a by-product of it


it can be revealed that the writer has had a person to person contact with three evolving females of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

whether the beings that made contact with the writer are the most evolved beings of the dinosaur class or there are others even more evolved than the ones that revealed themselves to the writer isn’t known

what the writer can tell you is that were they to appear in front of you right now it would freak you right out

their physical characteristics are beyond anything you’ve seen or imagined

and that’s after just sixty-five million years !

there are about one-hundred and twenty-five periods of sixty-five million years before we get to transmutation

to go from the shape we are now to mathematical form will take at least another five thousand million years !

the thing is we’re back to the problem of sharing this knowledge with everyone

the writer is reluctant to share knowledge with people who don’t make any special effort to get this knowledge to people other than those people they know

it is a persistent thorn in the writer’s side that things aren’t going as they could/should because of the secretive/covetous/cliquey nature of contemporary mammal man

the writer has got to present this picture so as to give everyone the time to adjust to what some of the more evolved beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings look like

their abilities are, literally, out of this world

orienting yourselves to what to expect when evolving dinosaur man-shaped beings make themselves visible to us is necessary for meaningful cooperation between the two classes of beings

if you’re having trouble identifying with people with a different colour of skin and/or different facial characteristics you’ll have no chance of identifying with the more evolved of the dinosaur class of man-shaped

it’s time to open your minds

the picture that is to be presented will predispose people to new and intriguing thoughts and ideas about what the future holds for us

the differences between the film we have of evolving beings and devolving beings (evolving being are the ones on the top right screen of This Screen and devolving beings are the ones on the middle-right screen) are as obvious as the difference between chalk and cheese)

so now it’s not just the differences between evolving beings and devolving beings (devolving beings… see This Film)

it is not that we have just got to acquaint ourselves with the fact there are different types of beings but now we also have to take into account the differences that will occur at various levels of evolution)

the thing to bear in mind is that evolving beings only ever produce an increase in the quality and quantity of life whereas devolving beings have, by varying degrees, a negative impact in our lives)