who are they and where do they come from


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who are they and where do they come from?


the answer to the questions "who are they?" and "where do they come from?" is the same "they are man-shaped beings who evolved from the dinosaur class of beings sixty-five million years"


the odds of two man-shaped beings evolving at the same time in the universe is greater than one raised to the one hundreth Power

(1 ^100) against


if you don't understand the odds thing try looking at it this way


imagine the same person winning the lottery every week


yes, it can happen but it doesn't


it's so unlikely that the same person would win the lottery every week that if someone did we would say the lottery is rigged


it's the same principle


it's just too improbable


hence, the universe is "rigged"* for life and specifically for man-shaped beings


* the Anthropic Principle 1


because the odds against it happening are so great we are forced to accept the idea that all man-shaped beings must have originated here on earth


you wil get a better insight if you read the link below


the Anthropic Principle 2


following this line of reasoning, as most scientists do, we are compelled to deduce that e.t.'s are

man-shaped beings who evolved through the dinosaur class of beings, just as we evolved through the mammal class of beings




sixty-five million years ago we were the shape and size of a rat


evolution for man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class was at least twice as violent as our evolution


imagine a lion the size of t.rex and you'll start getting the picture